Hadeland Folkemuseum

(People´s Museum of Hadeland)


Hadeland folkemuseum was founded in 1913 and is one of the oldest outdoor museums in Norway. The museum lies in the beautiful area of Tingelstad in Gran municipality, and manages over 30 old historical buildings from 15th to 18th century.  During our season you can visit the antique buildings and experience the old traditions and daily life at Hadeland.

In conjunction with the 100 years anniversary we opened Magasinhallen, a building with over 500 old and historical objects. We also have the unique historical monument Dynnasteinen, a tall rock from the 9th century, which is one of the oldest Christian runestones.  Close to the museum we have the medieval stone church, St.Petri (or Tingelstad old church) built in the 11th century. Here you can experience the unique interior from the 14th century, and view the splendid reconstruction of the alter front.  In the museum store and museum cafe we offer unique local products, souvenires and flavours. The cafe and shop are open daily where we among others serve the traditional 1814 cake.

During the season we offer daily guided tours to some of the museums most significant historical attractions. We also have thematic exhibitions in our main building. We offer an exciting program throughout the season; just check our calendar for more information.  We can also help you plan your trip to other attractions in the nearby area.