Langsua National park

Between the valleys of Gausdal and Valdres you will find Langsua Nationalpark, rimmed by several protected landscapes and nature preserves. The park includes four landscape conservation areas and five nature reserves and covers 1000km2. The park is accessible most of the year.

From Lillehammer you follow the road fv204 through Gausdal to Kittilbu Utmarksmuseum and visitor centre. In spring and autumn you might hear the mighty trumpets of the cranes out in the nearby bogs of the Hynna wetland preserve. Further down the road you can bike, hike or paddle up the beautiful valley of Dokkfaret, all the way to Liomseter lodge. It is a beautiful area with spectacular views, and it is ideal for family excursions.

The parks cultural heritage sites reveal human activities spanning some 8000 years. They hunted, fished, trapped moose, gathered berries and other plants, produced iron and tar and had domestic animals.

Kittilbu Utmarksmuseum is the information centre for Langsua. We can help you with maps, hiking suggestions and planning your excursion. We even have a 3D model of the park. At the centre you can also buy fishing permits and join guided tours during the season. Please contact us for more information.

Check out the Langsua app for suggested routes in the national park.