Kittilbu Utmarksmuseum lies in the scenic area of Kittilbu in Gausdal municipality. The museum is surrounded by wetlands, forest and fishing lakes, and is not far from the Langsua National park.

Visit our exhibitions at the museum, we tell you the story about old traditions and the heritages of the area. As a visitor center for the Langsua National park we will give you all the information for hikes, fishing, lakes and accommodation.

In our little café we offer local and ecological cakes, drinks and other tastes. We have local handicrafts and souvenirs for sale.

Kittilbu Utmarksmuseum is and approved Norwegian ecotourism business.


Our history

In 1985 the government decided to utilize the running water in Dokkfløy, a lake close to Kittilbu to produce energy. During this process they discovered people had used the area for thousands of years. Moose traps, traces of iron production and extraction of tar were some of the discoveries they made. Today you can experience some of these heritages by visiting our culture trail.

During the 1600 and 1700s the farming activity increased in Kittilbu. Today the farms are mostly used for recreation, but at Volden summer farm which belongs to the museum, you can experience summer farming as in the old days. Here we have farm weeks and serve farm lunch every Sunday during the season.



If you need a place to sleep we dispose a large cabin for rent close to the museum. We can also help you with contacting other landlords in the area